Client Testimonials

Amy Gilmore -

"Stacey really wanted to get a perspective of the culture of our business, so she could transfer that into the online space. We are passionate about our work, and she matched that on an Instagram level. 

She's just as fast as we are and that's exactly what we need."



Carlos & Christina Clavero

We recently had a one-on-one social media consultation with Stacey Secrets to help us with our real estate social media accounts and we are so happy with the results!  

Not only is Stacey extremely knowledgeable, but she is also patient and was able to give us some great pointers on how to improve our Instagram posts and stories, make our accounts more aesthetically appealing and set us apart from the competition.
Stacey is also incredibly creative and gave us some really good feedback and ideas on how to increase our engagement.

We would highly recommend a session with Stacey to anyone, regardless if you are a beginner just learning the basics or more advanced. She really is the expert when it comes to social media marketing and can help guide you through the process of using it to increase your real estate business. 
Plus she is super fun to work with! 



Jan Hill

I attended Stacey’s Instagram Workshop and it changed the way I connect with potential clients on Social Media.
Clients can see a different side of my business and I have had several clients mention how much they like my Instagram posts. Stacey made this happen. 

She is an excellent teacher - patient and clear with instructions, and she goes as fast or as slow as each participant needs.

Stacey is super charismatic and made learning fun which helped lessen my technophobia. Stacey also provides great follow up with the workshop skills so when I had questions about things that I forgot, she was there to help, and always up beat and supportive. 

Stacey changed my views about Social Media. I now see it as a fun and interesting extension to my usual marketing process. And I really enjoy making the posts up.  If you want success with Instagram, then Stacey is the person to help make that happen. 



Anne Bourne

I met Stacey during an Instagram workshop she was leading.  She was engaging and funny and most importantly very knowledgeable. 

I hired Stacey to take over my account  so she could help me set it all up and get me started with 30 days of posts. 

She did all the posting, helped me create my highlights and she branded all of my content. Afterward, we had a lesson to get me up to speed.

 She’s helped me immensely. 

If I ever have a question or need a follow up lesson, she is there immediately to help me out.

I’m glad to have met her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help with their Instagram!! 

 Thank you Stacey!!


Lauren Gordon

"Stacey is awesome! I didn’t catch her talk at the Buzz conference, because the room was so full! Instead my friend and I went directly to her booth to chat. She came over to my house for a consultation and allowed me to have my other team members there with me so we could all learn her secrets!

Everything she told us made perfect sense and was fairly easy to do (if you have some idea of all the capabilities of Instagram). It can be a bit time consuming, but you can hire Stacey to take your headache away and post for you! She really knows her stuff!"


Jonathan Perruzza

I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Stacey Secrets. On the initial call, she had already gone through my social media and put work into coming up with a plan and was very thorough and attentive to my needs. 

By the time we met in person I was very impressed to see that  she had made extensive notes and devised a concrete plan on how to grow my social media. She laid out actionable next steps for me and gave me a very organized plan. This was all before I had paid her a penny! 

On top of all this she was very affordable compared to all of the services I had inquired upon before her. 



Gloria Luoma

The market is a moving target and success is in the details. Stacey is a force to be reckoned with. She is intuitive, creative, and empowered. 

We were amazed at the speed and spontaneity with which she was able to create her unique brand of Instagram magic in the moment. 

The property sold overnight in a multiple offer and we are extremely grateful for Stacey's creative contributions to our marketing.  



Shiva Darvishi

Nicollette Nettnay

Taylor Abrahamse

Stacey helped me with developing my website and managing my Social Media full time, so I didn't have to. 

She became an instrumental part of my business. 

Without her, I would not have been able to successfully launch my business. Her creativity helps any business to differentiate from others and take it to the next level.



Taylor Abrahamse

Nicollette Nettnay

Taylor Abrahamse

Stacey immediately had great ideas for how to improve my page and build fans for my music.

She was always quick to respond to requests, and cooperative and flexible with how I wanted to work.

I felt like I could tell her anything! 

Her genuine enthusiasm and passion for what she does is refreshing -

Absolutely recommended!


Nicollette Nettnay

Nicollette Nettnay

Nicollette Nettnay

Confidence. Ease. Destiny. Success; If it wasn’t for Stacey I’d still be recording scripted content 20x over alone in the woods to avoid nerves + embarrassment.
Public speaking, transparency + Instagram Lives were not in my wheelhouse before this Amazing Goddess. She taught me how to show up + speak from the heart while living into my Souls Purpose of being the most obnoxious Astrologer known to woman-kind. Stacey Secrets is a game changer!!!